SIXESSES ™ A Unique set of Values


You must be selective in how you reach out, communicate, appeal to, and service your audience. Flooding the market with conflicting ideas, images, messages and products will only dilute your brand and its earning power. BEND the BOX will help you navigate through the plethora of options and ensure a consistent vision through every aspect of you and your business.


Any icon in any industry cannot get to the top without being aware of—and participating in—the world around it. Our clients’ strive for a global audience, and never has it been more important for show that they care about and participate in that audience’s lives. BEND the BOX’s professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of the current climate, and help steer our clients through the sometimes difficult decision-making that must be part of any modern branding strategy.


Faith in and support of a brand—the kind that leads to a lifelong relationship with your customers (ultimately, your friends and partners)—must always originate from within your own ranks. You must believe in yourself and ensure that all of your “moving parts” work efficiently together. BEND the BOX conducts top-to-bottom assessments of your key personnel and products and makes sure you are constantly maintaining the perception of sincerity in all aspects of your business.


Today’s consumer is more educated and savvy than ever before, and more discerning on where and how they spend their money. BEND the BOX believes that an indelible part of a brand’s strength is the sense of security it can provide its customer base. From an single consumer buying a jar of cutting-edge nanotechnology skin cream (Bionova), to a multi-national banking behemoth responsible for billions of dollars in the global economy (Arab Bank) , providing security to your audience has never been more important, and BEND the BOX makes sure your customer knows that its investment in you is always the wise choice.


A companion to security, stability is a less tangible, more emotional attachment between you, the client, and your audience. It’s the “gut feeling” that gives your audience the peace of mind that they’ve made the right choice in selecting you and not an alternative. BEND the BOX examines your business and removes any impediments to that peace of mind that may exist.


BEND the BOX knows that the global market is ever-changing, and to sustain its foothold a brand must be constantly aware of the need and opportunity for change. Ziad likens the concept of “sustainability” to that of a multi-limbed tree. “By capitalizing on the right opportunities to branch out, you not only evolve your own function and usefulness in the market, you also benefit and help grow those that have supported you (nature, vendors, audience, etc.),” says Zraikat. “That forms alliances and reinforces your entire structure in return.”

The “Six Esses®”

BEND the BOX’s Culture & Strategy of Success

In addition to its branding, design, and image consultancy work with clients ranging from individuals to products, BEND the BOX is also well known for its restructuring consultancy services, and is often called upon to undertake an all-encompassing examination of a client—from its infrastructure, mission statement, public perception, and more.

Through his years of getting to know his clients intimately from the inside out—and finding the right threads in each client upon which to pull gently into dynamic and sustainable revenue-generating new shapes in a seamless and fluid manner—Ziad has developed his “Six Esses®” to be a template of BEND the BOX’s overall philosophy.

“I like to call the Six Esses® ‘BEND the BOX’s version of the Ten Commandments,’” says Zraikat. “Whether I have a client that is a celebrity personality, a corporate identity or venture, a product, a location, an idea, or any variation of those, I can use the Six Esses® to create a roadmap for my client’s success.”