A Philosophy Derived from Nature,
A Company Created for an Awakened Age

In the dynamic mind of Ziad Elias Zraikat, founder of BEND the BOX, a brand—be it a person, place, or thing—is a living, breathing organism. The survival and success of that organism is determined how it interacts with the world around it, and using that prism of nature as a starting point allows Ziad and BEND the BOX to forge a nurturing environment to allow you, the client, flourish and thrive in your given environment.

“At BEND the BOX, we believe that, just like a living thing, each client has its own cellular structure—a ‘brand DNA’” says Zraikat. “BEND the BOX analyzes that brand DNA and fine-tunes it to be both self-sustaining and an intrinsic part of its global environment.

The result, says Zraikat, “evokes emotions and influences behavior and perception, establishing our partners and friends as top of the energy chain in their respective sectors.

Zraikat elaborates on this analogy in describing his brainchild BEND the BOX. “If you want to nurture something and make it grow, you can’t keep it inside the box; it will wither and die,” he says. “Conversely, go outside of the box completely, and it will grow wild, with no direction or care, and will still ultimately die.”

“But bending the box looks at the reality, external factors, your unique DNA and many other factors then rearranges your environment using your brand’s unique energy to actually create an atmosphere that will lead to harmony and success.

BEND the BOX’s methodology to determine your brand energy yields each unique strategy for progressive branding. Operating under a sophisticated and intricate process, we examine your values, infrastructure, and goals.

We undertake an Audit and Analysis to provide a proprietary study of your brand’s vitality and strength, scrutinizing each component in order to asses you and your brand in all its interactions. Secondly, we focus on Research and Development to provide insight into sustainable core decision-making. We execute market research to evaluate your audience’s behavior and attitude towards your brand, and utilize that information to redirect the conversation where necessary. Brand Creation (where necessary) and Extension articulates your brand’s vision and values into an action plan that creates and enhances your audience’s attraction and commitment to your brand. Finally, with the exclusive access to the BEND Group’s global network of top-tier creative professionals and subcontractors, we activate our Design capabilities to create tangible manifestations of your brand in any media that is required.

We at BEND the BOX find that a brand that provides this type of experience entices its audience—your customers—in ways that are sustainable, reliable, and valuable. Our successful strategies will ensure that your brand—like all the great natural wonders of the world—will do more than stand the test of time, they will change the paradigm for everything that comes after it.