You—like all the great natural wonders of the universe—will do more than stand the test of time, you will change the paradigm for everything that comes after it.

Ziad Elias Zraikat

Humanity must be led into war to destroy cities and then rebuilt them, or disease is necessary for pharmaceutical industry to produce medication. The leading elite however think this is the way to create scientific progress based on profits. The last war against terrorism led by the US showed that spending 1000 billion for warfare brought nothing else than slightly improved remote controlled unmanned flying military drones a technology invented by Nikola Tesla 112 years ago.

Are we returning into the past to correct the mistakes we did ? No one can do this as time travel tests have shown that altering past had no impact on the present of future and resulted in creating multiple alternate timelines with own sets of reality.

When the humanity is confronted with the fact that we are not alone and might be living in a super hologram split into smaller holograms which is a sort of definition for parallel realities this shift would take us out of the dark side into the light. This process is called the enlightenment.