Major Project Examples


A Higher Perspective


In the dynamic mind of Ziad Elias Zraikat, founder of BEND the BOX philosophy and company, a brand—be it a person, place, or thing—is a living, breathing organism. The survival and success of that organism is determined on how its vibrational energy reacts and interacts with the world around it, and looking through that prism of nature, spirituality and biology allows Ziad and BEND the BOX to forge a nurturing and loving environment to allow you, our friends, flourish and thrive in your desired reality...

A New Perception

Endless Possibilities

Energy Versus Strategy

Imagine a world where your brand energy touches millions of people in the same way, and yet uniquely.

An organic corporate strategy guides the big picture and provides a blueprint to execute sustainable plans as effectively as possible but an overall awakened corporate energy will ensure that your brand —like all the great natural wonders of the world—will do more than stand the test of time, it will change the paradigm for everything that comes after it...

Brand Commandments

Same Values For All


“I like to call the Six Esses ‘BEND the BOX’s version of the Ten Commandments,’” says Zraikat. “Whether I have a a celebrity personality, a corporate identity or venture, a product, a location, an idea, or any variation of those, I can use the Six Esses® to create a roadmap for conscious success.” BEND the BOX finds that a brand that provides a conscious experience entices its audience—in other words, your customers—in ways that are sustainable, reliable, and valuable...

Giving Fully

A Higher Consciousness

Growing Individual & Environmental Consciousness

Some of the ways that Bend the Box will express its new awakened direction, will be in the creation of innovative ideas and sustainable strategies that serve both nature and humanity simultaneously, conscious training and development for individuals and groups, In addition to a broad spectrum of green designs that are both engaging and appealing.

Growing Social Consciousness

BEND the BOX will think about those who have less and those who are looking for more meaningful ways of giving back and doing good than simply driving a less ostentatious vehicle or purchasing a less showy Rolex watch.

Taking Action

The Choice

Take a Stand

“I believe is our responsibility as creative individuals to work collaboratively and consciously for a better reality. Remember our Ideas and visual manifestations are what make infamous leaders and brands desirable today.”

After his awakening early 2015, Ziad Zraikat is only accepting selective and sustainable projects that are completely sincere and sensitive to the environment.

Our Clients

Are You Phenomenal

Our Clients and Friends

Want to differentiate themselves from other trend-setters;
Are recognized as unique;
Have a global perspective;
Do not purchase products purely for materialistic reasons;
Have a social conscience and appreciates doing business with organizations
that have a true social commitment;
Have a strong influence on the buying decisions of peers;
Are quick to seek out information online;
Desire ways to simplify life;
and are always pursuing unusual, out-of-the-ordinary experiences